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An attractive image is everything when it comes to marketing a home online.

Enticing buyers to make a visit to a home all starts with a great photo. As an agent, you already know how important it is to draw more buyers to the home you’re trying to sell — here’s a look at how you can entice potential buyers using photo appeal:

Keep it Bright

Buyers are looking for bright and airy homes that look clean and neat. Keeping an image bright is very important when taking pictures of homes that you are listing for sale. Consider taking outdoor photos on a sunny, bright day to brighten up the image naturally. If you’re taking pictures indoors, make sure to utilize a strong camera flash to correct colors and prevent shadowing from making the image look dull or dreary.

Bring Buyers What they Want

Some agents mistakenly believe that if they only showcase a couple of photos of a home then the buyer will be compelled to come to the home for a visit rather than get what they are looking for from their online ad — this is far from true! More pictures will provide some of the important features and elements of the home so that the potential buyer has an intriguing interest in the home and really WANTS to have a further look — don’t leave them wishing they had more!

Reduce Clutter

Before taking pictures of a property for sale, make sure that you’ve done proper cleanup and have removed the clutter from the area. A clean, clutter free photo will help the prospective buyer to relate and imagine themselves in the home. Be sure to remove magnets from the refrigerator, clean up children’s toys from the playroom, put away the dishes and clear off the counters to help eliminate distractions from the photos that may otherwise render the image cluttered or difficult to relate to for others.

High Quality Photos Sell

Cell phones are great for some things — but not so much for taking photos of real estate that you want to sell! Stash the phone and use a high quality camera to take photos that you will be using for your real estate ads. A tripod can also help to steady the camera for a better shot. Always aim for high quality photos and remember that no matter how much lighting you have, how much you clean and how many photos you take — all of the above tips are useless if you aren’t taking high quality photos with a decent quality camera!

Jan. 29, 2014