Complete Office Accounting Solution

Manage a Single office or Complete Corporate Infustructure with multiple offices

When done correctly, office accounting can be easy and streamlined. RealtyAPX provides a qualilty automated Accounting system to the Real Estate Market. This type of automation can drastically reduce time needed to run your acounting processes.

With one click, an office or a corporation can automate the commission from a transaction, take out anything owed by the agent and dispurse commissions. This automation allows manual overrides but the work is down by the system. Gone are the days of spreadsheets and files keeping track of commissions, splits and transaction counts. The system knows this and will automate this process.

Stay on top of your business and let us do the hard work with the full accoutning system by invoicing, accounts payable, accounts recievable, general ledgers and invoicing.

Let us do the hard work so you can focus on more clients:
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With RealtyAPX you can:

  • Process Invoices & Write Checks
  • Manage incoming &outgoing commissions
  • Reconcile fast &complete bookkeeping
  • Manage Bills &Expenses
  • Close more transactions